For a summer camp movie from 2001, it really does feel like it’s from the 1980’s.

Wet Hot American Summer, directed and co-written by David Wain, takes place in just one day.

That one day is a very significant day to all of the campers and counselors; it’s the last day of summer camp.

For some, it means the loss of virginity, for others it means the start of new relationships and the end of old ones.

No matter what happens, they know where they’ll be in ten years. They’ve planned it already.

Throughout that last day of summer camp, this group of friends who work as some of the worst camp counselors ever are trying to complete their own unfinished business before the day ends and summer is over.

This movie is the perfect mix of raunchy and silly comedy. It goes back and forth from satirical chase scenes to the perverse banter between two camp cooks.

To some, it may seem like a movie not worth their time. To others, it’s a great movie that still makes them laugh out loud, even 12 years later.

It’s an amazing experience to get two completely different comedic styles in one film; the more adult, perverted kind, and the younger kind that reminds us of our own childish endeavors during summer camp.

This movie is a laugh out loud comedy that is great to watch a group of friends or even one or two. Especially now since Amy Poehler is in her fifth seasons of her hit TV series, Parks and Recreations and with the recent theatrical releases of Paul Rudd’s This Is Forty and Bradley Cooper’s Oscar and Golden Globe nominated and winner, Silver Linings Playbook.

It’s always interesting to see a film in which so many of your favorite comedians and actors are gathered together. As well as some people you have never heard of before, and never will again.

If you’re looking for something as random and epic as a Harold and Kumar adventure, with the same amount of perverseness, then this movie is a must have to your Netflix queue (or DVD collection if you’re going to go old school).


One thought on “Wet Hot American Summer Was Cold?

  1. Caught my attention at the end when you mentioned Harold and Kumar. Loved those movies. Own them all. Great stoner comedies. As for your review, I don’t own netflix. But I’ll probably try to find it on youtube or just download it. I only pay for movies that I feel worth my time. How many stars do you give it?

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