Local professor is currently being questioned for grave robbing and for ensuing the chaos that happened last weekend.

Napervile, IL – Local professor is currently being questioned for grave robbing and for ensuing the chaos that happened last weekend.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein is a native of the downtown Naperville area and is currently a professor of sciences at Naperville Central College.

At a press conference on Friday, he said that the experiments that took place in his home are based off his father’s experiments.

His father, Dr. Alphonse Frankenstein, was a renowned surgeon who came up with the idea of how to bring the dead back to life via multiple corpses. It is that idea that Dr. Victor Frankenstein completed last weekend.

The creation – a recreation of life in the form of multiple corpses that are thought to be the victims of recent grave robbing’s – escaped from Frankenstein’s protection and onto the streets of downtown Naperville where it ensued damage to small businesses and store fronts.

One of the stores damaged was a men’s clothing store owned by Tom Jones, who said that at the time of the chaos he was more concerned with the state of his shop than the monster. His entire store is destroyed and will need repair.

Officer Swanson was the first police officer to arrive on scene.

He arrived after hearing shots fired and left his partner behind to go to the scene.

Once on the scene, he saw Frankenstein distraught, on his knees and with the weapon nearby. Swanson deemed Frankenstein approachable and withdrew his weapon at that time. Other authorities took Frankenstein in for questioning later that night.

On the account of the grave robbing or the property damaged caused by the creature, Frankenstein has given no comment.

He did admit to negligence on his part, saying that he should have taken more caution with this experiment of his.

Even though he admitted to that and said, “I’ve literally brought people back from the dead,” he is still avoiding charges for his experiments and on the count of the grave robberies.

When asked if it was funded by the government, he said it was not but did say it was a

“God like creation.”

Frankenstein also said that the only religion that should be acknowledged with these experiments is the “religion of Dr. Frankenstein.”

Frankenstein and one of his students, Igor Feldman, are currently still being investigated as possible suspects in the grave robberies as well as for the damaged caused by his creation by the lead detectives on the case.

Taken by Dr. Frankenstein's student, Igor Feldman

Taken by Dr. Frankenstein’s student, Igor Feldman

Melissa Sears cover sociopolitical matters at the Observer Journal. She can be reached at Melissa_Sears@hotmail.com


4 thoughts on “Chaos Caused by Lab Created Monster

  1. I’ve been wanting to see the show breaking bad. Not sure what this has to do with the show since I haven’t seen it. All I know is the dude cooks crystal meth. I’m going to probably have to start from season one.

    • In the tweet I had said “Breaking Bad teacher-student relationship” because the main character of the series works with a student of his, and that was what I had had in mind when I added the student in this story.

      Thanks for the comment.

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